ブランド名の「Blanck」は「Black(黒 / 影)」と「Blank(白 / 空白)」を掛け合わせた造語です。

WHITE LABEL ブランクの洋服を作る上で考えていることは、自身が着たい服であること。 装飾が少なく、シンプルなもの。 着心地(フィッテイング)を大事に、時流に合ったシルエットへ落とし込むことを 常に考えてデザイン。 シーズンごとにテーマを掲げ、その時に感じた『もの』『こと』をプロダクトへ再編集をする。

BLACK LABEL 自身の仕事であるデザインを考える上で、常に隣にある音楽・映画を背景に、Musician・Artist・Actor・Actressなどにフォーカスをし、時代の流れを新しい解釈で「PAINT IT BLANCK」を表現していく。

大谷 拓三

2003 :  (有)クークス

2010 :  (株)サザビーリーグ

2016 :  MASTER PLAN を設立

The brand name “Blanck", is a neology that combined “Black” (black/shadow) with “Blank” (white/blank).
Even with information overflowing the world right now, it’s still not enough. There still resides “blanks" that have yet to be explored.
Filling in those blanks with the creation of new values, without concern of the times and market, we believe is the mission of “Blanck".

WHITE LABEL When creating clothing for “Blanck”, it needs to be something we’d want to wear, something simple, with no decorative details.
The fit needs to be comfortable, and the silhouette up to date.
Every season will have a theme, which is a reflection of several “things" we feel at that time that will reshape the product.

BLACK LABEL Considering our work from a design standpoint, music and movies has always been a close existence in our work. While focusing on musicians, artists, actors, and actresses, this is our expression of the times with a new interpretation of “PAINT IT BLANCK”.

Takuzo Ohtani

2003 :  Kooks
Atelier General Manager

2010 :  SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd.
Men's Designer

2016 :  Established MASTER PLAN